Full Plates VT: A Free Box of Fresh Produce and Pantry Staples for Your Family

The Vermont Foodbank is excited to announce the launch of Full Plates VT. Full Plates VT will distribute food boxes at drive-through style distributions throughout all fourteen counties in Vermont. The program is currently scheduled to run from June – September 2021.

To keep wait times to a minimum, reservations will be required for the distributions. To register and see the dates and locations, please visit vtfoodbank.org/gethelp or call 833-670-2254 for assistance. New dates will continue to be added to the registration website so please continue to check back for new distributions.

Registration opens May 24, 2021

Each reservation will receive fresh produce along with other fresh and shelf-stable products.

Each household must register for their own food box and self-certify that they make less than 300% of the federal poverty limit:

# of Persons in HouseholdMaximum Monthly Income
Add $378.33 for each person in household over 8 persons

If you are unable to attend the event in person you may register for a food box and designate a proxy individual to pick it up from the distribution.

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