REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS: Please bring reusable bags if you have some on hand.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE INFORMATION: Please don’t forget to bring Proof of Residency if you are a new client or if you were asked to bring it at your last visit. Proof would be a current bill, lease, etc., with your name and address. A driver’s license or car registration can not be used as Proof of Residence.

COLCHESTER GARDENERS: We are looking forward to homegrown vegetables from our local gardeners. Two volunteers are at the Food Shelf at 11 AM on Wednesdays getting ready for the day. We are happy to accept any extra vegetables from your gardens. We have already received fresh rhubarb several times.

Client Visits (first 6 months): 2022 – 565 2023 – 818 45% increase
Total People Served (first 6 months): 2022 – 1552 2023 – 2101 35% increase
Food and Supplies (first 6 months): 2022 – $24,800 2023 – $46,300 87% increase
Income (donations) – 2022 – $43,900 2023 – $49,600 13% increase

DONATIONS: Thank you to all who donate so generously. Please only leave donations on Wednesdays/Saturdays (when we are open). The high-priority items are those that are on the shopping list used by our clients. You can find a list of high-priority items by visiting the Donate page on our website (or click here to view the list). If you do not need a receipt, look for the plastic container under the canopy. Financial donations should be mailed to the PO Box address below:

Colchester Food Shelf
PO Box 625
Colchester, Vermont 05446

Please stay safe and well!

Help us spread the word to those that may not see the Front Porch Forum, Facebook, or website posts!

Where Can You Find Us?
The Food Shelf is located at 245 Main Street, Colchester, between Claussen’s Greenhouse and Union Memorial School.

Our mailing address for donations is Colchester Food Shelf, PO Box 625, Colchester, Vermont 05446.

Questions? Email We can also be reached by phone at 802-879-2444. If you call outside our Wednesday hours, please leave a message.

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