Thank You spelled out on what look like polaroid photo paper.

To Donors to the Colchester Community Food Shelf:

There are so many thank you messages for those of you who have donated to the Colchester Food Shelf:

Thank you so much to all those who donate grocery items. As we all know, the cost of groceries has increased significantly over the last few months, for you and for us. We appreciate grocery donations, and you are getting quite good at donating the items that are on our shelves/shopping list for our clients. Some items are listed weekly on our Front Porch Forum posting and we will be adding a complete list on our website soon.

Thank you to all the Colchester home gardeners, who by the way, have very ‘green thumbs’. You supplied our clients with wonderful, healthy fresh produce of lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, green beans, and more. Hope you have a safe and healthy winter, and we hope to see you next growing season.

Thank you to all who donate financially to the Food Shelf. No matter how much we receive in groceries and produce, we still need to make large purchases of groceries and produce (especially in the winter). We have also had a significant increase in the number of clients/family members that we are seeing each month. If we compare the totals through September 2021 and 2022, the results are:

Visits increased by 204 or 33%
People served increased by 998 or 31%
New clients increased by 68 or 111%

Thank you also to any and all the local businesses that have helped us. I am afraid if I try to list them I may leave someone out. Just know that anything you have done to help the Food Shelf and, in turn, Colchester residents, is very much appreciated by us all.

Thank you to our clients who have been quick learners when we have changed our procedures, and also, for being very patient as we complete their shopping lists.

Thank you to our volunteers who work in the Food Shelf, filling shopping lists, and restocking shelves. We are also appreciative of all the volunteers who pick up our grocery orders from various businesses.


Marcia Devino, President, Colchester Community Food Shelf Board of Directors

Where Can You Find Us?
The Food Shelf is located at 245 Main Street, Colchester, between Claussen’s Greenhouse and Union Memorial School.

Mailing Address:
Colchester Food Shelf, PO Box 625, Colchester, Vermont 05446

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